Time: The Final Currency

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A wise man once said “time is the final currency.” And most don't want to waste it on physical activity. So Nuzuna's EMS technology is redefining workouts.

Don’t waste it all on physical activity!

physical activity nuzuna ems bodysuit

A wise man once said, “time is the final currency” (Crosby, 1998). It’s universal in its value and the only
currency you won’t get back after it’s lost. Time is all we have.

It is human nature, therefore, to seek pleasure and avoid pain.

Many people think of exercise as painful. Perhaps not just physically, but as an experience. Humans today tend to avoid fitness — to the tune of more than 5 million deaths worldwide related to a lack of physical activity. A greater occurrence than even smoking.

In fact, only 20% of Americans are currently meeting the recommended guidelines for exercise set forth by the CDC (Jaslow, 2013). The collective voice has spoken, and it says, “We don’t want to waste our precious time at the gym!”

So, what if we don’t have to?

Physical Activity Recommendations

The CDC recommendations for physical activity are at least 150 minutes of moderate activity or 75
minutes of intense activity per week (CDC, 2020). These numbers may not seem harsh if you are an active person, but for 80% of Americans, these recommendations are still out of reach.

This is the twenty-first century, however. If technology has not yet discovered how to help Americans drop their pant size at a more efficient rate, then something must be done.

Well, something was.

In 2018, Charlie Laverty, serial entrepreneur and CEO of Nuzuna Fitness, was reintroduced to a technology
he was familiar with from his tenure working in the healthcare industry. Many of us have used EMS
(Electro Muscular Stimulation) or are familiar with the tools popularized to assist in muscle recovery and
acute muscle activation used by physical therapists. But this German-made product took EMS to the
next level.

By engineering a neoprene tracksuit with 20 separate EMS pads built into all the major muscle areas, a smart (control) box, and an iPad to control the actions, Nuzuna Fitness was born from a vision to give people back their final currency.

In just 20 minutes, a Nuzuna gym-goer can see the same results as someone working out for 60-90

No, this is not a gimmick.

Step foot into any Nuzuna location (popping up all throughout Orange County and LA) and you will experience the one of a kind fitness of the future. In just 2 sessions per week, users can skyrocket their physical activity well past the CDC guidelines and into a state of health that’s only been available to superheroes.

If you do that quick math, you will notice that in two sessions of 20 minutes, you are still not meeting the CDC required 75 minutes/week. However, multiply that 20-minute session of physical activity by Nuzuna’s 5:1 exercise efficiency ratio, that 40 minutes becomes 200 minutes.

How is This Possible?

Nuzuna’s unique version of EMS makes this possible by soaring well beyond the competition. The higher-level electrical frequency of the wireless suits engages up to 90% of the user’s muscle fibers at once. By so doing, it simultaneously stimulates red blood cell count, bone growth, and neuroplasticity.

Not only are you amplifying your workout and saving your most precious currency, but you are also giving every system in your body an opportunity to elevate into a whole new zone of wellness.

This is why Laverty chose the name “Nuzuna,” translating loosely to “New Zone;” claiming that “every person should be striving to become their greatest version of self… Nuzuna can help.”

Laverty feels so strongly about the level of support Nuzuna can provide users that he is offering a free introductory EMS session and discounted trial offers at all locations.

Check our Locations page to find a gym near you, and get back to using your final currency on the things that matter most.


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