Angela K.

A Loyal Nuzuna Newport Beach Member

“The experience I am currently having at Nuzuna has been life-changing for my body and mind! I am 45 years old and have been working out in all forms since I was young - I was in need of a boost in my fitness and this was THE answer! I’ve lost weight, have more muscle definition and my energy is through the roof! I’m on week 7 and I’m hooked. The suit was the exact life change I needed and I am now a lifetime member! I love the staff, they are motivating, fun, helpful, and are so educated with how the suit works with my body.”

Cory W.

A Fixture in MTV's Reality Universe

“This is completely different. You guys are the only people that have this. I feel it in my chest, arms, my cores activated, my back is activated. I’m not doing total body workout, but I’m getting a total body workout. I like it.”

Dr. Anne T.

Director of Human Services at Clairemont Center

"I didn't expect the results that I got. I've lost about 17 pounds since August 2019. But what’s really interesting is how many inches I’ve lost, I’ve lost about 10 inches! I was a size 10 when I started and now I’m a size 6."

Derrick C.

NFL Seattle Seahawks Player

"When we have football practice, we wear leg compression just to keep our muscles tight. So when you put on the suit, not only does it keep all your muscles together, but the added device helps activate muscles that are not trying to do work or just trying to be lazy. That takes it to a whole new level that I get to experience today."


Cedar Sinai Surgery Center Staff

"This cuts your gym time in half so that’s always a plus especially when you work full-time. At the beginning I was not sure, but as you’re working out, you get used to it. Now I look forward to it when they turn on the stim. I lost 10 pounds!”

Mike J.

CEO of Iron Neck

“I have never experienced the intense total body workout I did when training at Nuzuna. My core and neck were engaged to a level I never thought possible. I left feeling rejuvenated and focused! I will be back for more! Thanks Nuzuna!”


Had a History of Fractured Tailbone

"I could feel the electro stimulation in my lower back which for me is fantastic because I have a history of a fractured tailbone. I really liked receiving the stimulation there, it really helped with some of my sensitive areas. I look forward to continuing with this."

Jason H.

A Former Seal Team Member

“Two workouts so far, holy f***ing sh*t. This suit is definitely a game-changer. In a wartime environment, you want every edge you can get. If you get injured, it will take a while to recover. This suit will help you recover faster, as far as working optimally, both your body and your mind, you want every help you can get.”

Jannet T.

Cedar Sinai surgery Center Staff

"The suit made a huge difference because it's a shorter workout period. Which I like because I don't like working out. Plus, I feel like I sweat because usually when I go to the gym, I don't sweat. I definitely recommend this and I keep talking to all my friends about it and I'm getting them all excited."

Hayden P.

Born with Cerebral Palsy

“I’ve actually been able to grow muscle mass on my left side, which is a lot weaker than my right. I’ve already noticed a lot of improvement in them. The progress from the past four months has been more than the past 4 years in terms of muscle growth.”

Ray L.

An Economist on Wall Street

“I’ve actually been able to grow muscle mass on my left side, which is a lot weaker than my right. I’ve already noticed a lot of improvement in them. The progress from the past four months has been more than the past 4 years in terms of muscle growth.”

Dr. Yosef C.

Cedars Sinai Surgery Center Doctor

“I’m feeling energetic. I don’t need my two cups of coffee anymore, I’m down to one a day.”


A First-Time Client at Nuzuna Costa Mesa

“It really increased my workout even though I was only here for 30-minute."

Dr. Jason C.

Cedar Sinai Surgery Center Doctor

“My stamina has gotten better.”

Madisyn R.

NFL LA Chargers' Cheerleader

“This is a whole new level of performance. I like how the suit amplified the entire workout.”

Chris W.

A Sports Performance Coach

“When you put the suit on, it just takes the workout to a whole new level. The amount of calories you burn is through the roof, I couldn’t recommend it more."

Lauryn M.

NFL LA Chargers' Cheerleader

“I definitely feel like it intensified each position and each workout I was doing. The suit definitely made it 10x more efficient, which was a really good workout. I’ve never experienced it before, it’s cutting-edge.”

Charles S.

Avoided a Lumbar Fusion Surgery

“I have a combination of back injuries; spondylolisthesis, three herniated discs - L4, L5, and S1, and experienced a lot of sciatica nerve pain. However, after just 5 days of EMS training, I’m completely pain-free. I can do things like ride a bike and sleep and not be in pain. I feel better, I sleep better, I’m in a better mood. A true improvement in activities and daily living.”

Angie D.

A Loyal Nuzuna Costa Mesa Member

“I love love LOVE this suit! Ever since I started working out in the suit, regular workouts without the suit doesn't feel the same same. I work nearly 70 hours a week and I’m also a part-time student so making time to exercise is a challenge, but I noticed ever since I started exercising with the suit, I was able to maintain my physique and my strength and stamina have improved! I would highly recommend this to anyone who’s always busy and barely has time for self-care.”

Kim K.

A Loyal Nuzuna Anaheim Hills Member

“Managing my weight has always been a struggle over the years but seems to be even harder now that I am in my 50's. Over the last four years, I gained over 25 pounds and another few from the gym being closed during Covid. While going through a divorce I realized I needed to prioritize myself, be accountable to myself and make the necessary changes to lose weight and get healthier. As a mother of two, I needed to set an example for my teenagers and continue to be a role model. I was fortunate to start back at Nuzuna just at the time they hired a new trainer Nicola Gibson. Not only has she held me accountable, but she has also motivated me. Inspired and made me realize, I can do this and I am worth it. I have lost 20 pounds since May 2021 and several clothes sizes. With her variety of workouts and classes, I really see a change in my shape and I think it looks like I lost more than 20 pounds with the muscle gained along with strength and endurance. With her positive energy and knowledge, I have achieved great results and look forward to continued changes with her help. I feel the real Kim starting to emerge.”

Wendy N.

A Loyal Nuzuna Newport Beach Member

"My first time trying the SUPER-SUIT, I was so blown away! The tingling feeling of the stimulation sent to my muscles is indescribable. After a few sessions, my lower back pain was diminished and I was getting much better sleep at night. I must say, I am addicted to the tingling and stimulation feeling because I can feel that all of my major groups of muscles are working simultaneously when exercising. After knowing there are other benefits I can receive from SUPER-SUIT exercising, I can’t imagine my exercise routine without it now! I would highly recommend this technology to anybody, it’s certainly a must-try and a must-have!"

Bobbie G.

A Loyal Nuzuna Newport Beach Member

"I’ve suffered from a pinched nerve in my neck for over 20 years now. Turning my head side-to-side or even nodding my head was very difficult and painful. Since June of 2021, I began training with the SUPER-SUIT three times a week, and after my first week, my neck pain was greatly diminished! I was shocked! After one month of religiously training with it, I was able to nod and turn my head much faster and more freely without fearing the pain might occur. I also noticed that every time I train with the suit, I feel super energized. I wish I could do it every day! I truly believe in this technology, it’s honestly the best investment for your health.”