The Safety of EMS Training vs. the Dangers of CrossFit Training

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You don’t have to take drastic measures to get fit. EMS training provides results by enhancing the load on your muscles without the dangers of CrossFit style training.

CrossFit has blown into an epic fitness trend and for good reason. It delivers fast results…when it’s done right. But at what cost? Recently, the scrutiny on the dangers of CrossFit Trainer has intensified.

Is there a safe way to get results similar to CrossFit training that won’t take hours, surgery, or thousands of dollars? We believe that we have the answer.

We will visit the most inviting benefits of CrossFit and compare it to a safer alternative using EMS training.


CrossFitter getting ready for workout

When you decide to take your fitness into your own hands and start a training program, obviously you would want to use a fitness program that worked. It needs to deliver results, preferably as quickly as possible.

CrossFit is known to sculpt very fit bodies. In fact, CrossFitters brag that they are the “fittest people on earth.” 

Yes, if you’ve ever tried a WOD, or workout of the day, in a CrossFit gym, you will understand why this type of training is so effective. The workouts are killer! 

CrossFit training is known for its timed moves, usually a mixture of cardio, body weight, and Olympic lifts. The workouts are extremely intense and will definitely cause a change in your body. 

The workouts are actually so intense, that the changes in your body can actually be to your detriment. Taking into consideration that many of the members of CrossFit gyms are beginners and they do the same workout that the advanced members complete, it is only expected that they will end up with injuries.

Even some of the advanced CrossFitters can injure themselves through a WOD. The movements and repetitions of each move are done until exhaustion when form starts to fail, and body parts begin to get weak. 

But because the workouts are timed and the competition is hot, most CrossFitters will keep on pushing their body until finally, something is pulled, torn, or pinched. In fact, CrossFitters are proven to report more injuries than traditional weightlifters.

 The real danger of CrossFit training is something far more dangerous than a pulled muscle. 

CrossFitters are warned even by the creator of CrossFit, Greg Glassman, that the intensity of training CrossFit style can cause hospitalization from rhabdomyolysis. 

Rhabdo, as people call it, is explained in Greg Glassman’s words as “a potentially lethal systemic meltdown initiated by the kidneys in response to the presence of shed muscle-fiber debris and exhaust in the bloodstream. There are several causes and types of rhabdo, classified by the underlying cause of muscle breakdown. With CrossFit, we are dealing with what is known as exertional rhabdomyolysis. It can disable, maim, and even kill.”

Talk about a “killer” workout, huh? 

So, what is the best way to get a super-effective workout without having to possibly spend a stint in your local hospital?

EMS training can give you results similar to CrossFit because it takes your workout of choice and adds the intensity of the training without causing any extra risk of injury. It does this through electrical stimulation of the muscles, adding muscular contraction beyond the movement you are already doing.

This increase of muscular stimulation can increase the results of your workouts significantly in a shorter amount of time. 

The best thing about adding EMS training to your workouts is that you can see better results from your workouts without exerting yourself any more than you normally do. This cuts out the risk of injury and certainly won’t be causing any rhabdomyolysis. 

Charles Laverty, CEO of Nuzuna couldn’t have explained the stark contrast between risking your health for the sake of fitness with CrossFit and improving your results safety by using EMS training. He says, “CrossFit depends upon you increasing your intensity and it pushes you into questionable movements to achieve that. We focus on magnifying the benefits of what people are comfortable doing.” Read more about this here.


Some people are attracted to the CrossFit lifestyle because you can complete many of their workouts anywhere in the world. 

By using just your bodyweight and maybe a few pieces of equipment at your local park, you can complete an intense workout. This is very useful in a busy and hectic lifestyle, which we have to admit is what most of us lead.

Also, if you want to do a gym-style workout, there are hundreds of CrossFit gyms all over the country. You can find one in any bigger city with plenty of other CrossFitters to join you.

However, the WOD is rarely adjustable between beginners, intermediate, and advanced CrossFitters. I mean, a relatively small percentage of Americans can do one pull-up, let alone 100 for time. There is no one size fits all workout. Physical fitness should be personalized to the individual. CrossFit makes that pretty impossible.

One of the best benefits of EMS training is that is can be used in conjunction with any type of activity to enhance the intensity and muscular contraction. You can use the EMS technology while doing any of your favorite exercise including strength training, aerobics, dance, biking, yoga, and so much more.

Better still, the EMS technology isn’t some bulky contraption that you have to lug around and figure out how to bring it with you while you travel. The compact suit that delivers the electronic pulses to your muscles is lightweight and extremely travel-friendly. 

Instead of expecting the same effort from beginners and athletes, EMS training is a more adaptable and sustainable program with added benefits. 

CrossFitter working out.jpg


CrossFit is more than just a fitness program, it’s a lifestyle. CrossFitters consider themselves a different class of people. This community can be extremely supportive or extremely damaging to your fitness goals.

The camaraderie and competition in a CrossFit gym can push you to do your best, or it can cause you to push beyond your limits. There is very little more motivating than a ticking clock and a gang of friends cheering you on. You have to be careful, however, that this peer pressure won’t push you over the top and right into the hospital.

Also, if you can’t compete and you end up being on the bottom of the totem pole at your CrossFit gym, you can feel a sense of being unworthy. Which can also lead you to give up on your fitness program.

With EMS training, you can still find that comradery with your local gym, bootcamp, or yoga class, but you don’t have to worry about too much pressure or feeling like you just don’t cut it. 

In fact, there are numerous Nuzuna fitness centers that can offer you not only a great community but also the benefit of EMS training. From a yoga studio in Costa Mesa to a Bootcamp in Anaheim Hills, and more locations to open up soon, you can be sure to have a safe, effective, and sustainable way to get fit.


You don’t have to take drastic measures to get fit. I understand the need to find the most effective workout in the least amount of time, but CrossFit comes with too many dangers. 

EMS training can give you that solution by enhancing the load on your muscles without extra exertion from you. Stay safe and take advantage of EMS technology in your next workout.


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