Reaching Your Health Goals Faster with EMS Training

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Pairing EMS training with these 7 psychology hacks will keep you motivated to ensure you reach your goal this year!

It’s the first of the year and everyone is determined to improve their health this year. January is the month of resolutions. We resolve to work harder, be more successful, treat our bodies right, and eat healthier.

Even though we may mean the best when we make these contracts with ourselves, unfortunately, we tend to break them every year. That’s why we almost always have the same resolution year after year. In fact, only 10% of people will actually stick to their resolutions after the first couple of months. 

Unfortunately, humans aren’t patient beings. We want to see some good results for our hard work, and we want it quickly. When we don’t, we tend to lose motivation.

No more resets. No more feeling frustrated because you lost motivation within a couple of months. There are ways to stick to your workouts this year by seeing results quicker and beating the psychology that makes you give up. 

This is done by using EMS training to reach your health goals faster.


How Results are Sped Up by Using EMS Training

The number one resolution each year is to get in shape. If this is your goal, you are in luck. EMS training can help you reach those goals faster because of the amazing way that EMS, or electro muscle stimulation, affects the muscles.

When you combine EMS technology with a great workout, you’ll see quicker results than you would from just a workout alone. This happens with no extra effort on your end. How does this happen?

EMS uses electrical pulses to reach deep into your muscles and cause them to contract. Since you will be using this as you are already putting your muscles under stress through your workout, this will only intensify the work your muscles will do. 

The deep muscles are targeted through EMS technology and this causes better results in several ways:

  • Attain muscle gain faster with EMS training – The trick to gaining muscle mass is by causing our muscles to contract. EMS training causes 30% more muscle contraction than regular workouts. 
  • To get the same results through weightlifting you will have to put more wear and tear on your body. Using EMS training saves your joints and tendons some damage. 

Using EMS training for muscle strength also makes it possible to isolate the muscles that you want to strengthen. Do you have a muscle that you just can’t seem to work, or do you have a muscle that is weak and causing you to fail at a certain move? You can use EMS to work that particular muscle.

  • Attain muscle tone faster with EMS training. If you not only want to be stronger but look stronger, EMS training can help with that too.
  • Since EMS training sends electrical pulses deep into the connective tissue of the muscles, it increases circulation to the muscle and helps to tighten that tissue. It also will diminish cellulite and create a glow to your skin.
  • Lessen recovery time with EMS training. After an injury, you can get back on your feet faster by using EMS training as part of your recovery plan. It has been proven to help flush out lactic acid, oxygenate muscles, and cut down on DOMS. 
  • Lose weight with EMS training. There have been some promising studies done to show that EMS training can help to fight obesity. 

If you have been working out for a while and you’re frustrated by what little results you’ve seen, EMS training could help you finally see a marked improvement. You can start to see an increase in your maximum weight lifted and a better overall body shape and muscle tone.

EMS training used in many different workouts

Does EMS Training Help with Any Workout?

With the wireless EMS Nuzuna suit, you can do any form of exercise and see improved results because you don’t have to worry about staying wired to a device. You can jump, bend, and dance your cares away, all while having electrical pulses strengthen and tone your muscles.

If you aren’t a big weightlifter, don’t worry, you can still see increased muscle mass. If you aren’t big on running, you can still see increased muscle tone and improved metabolism.

Whatever type of exercise you enjoy, you can use it in conjunction with EMS training.

This is just another way that EMS training helps you reach your health goals faster. If you enjoy the activity, you are more likely to stick with it and put your heart into it. 

HIIT training is known to be the most effective form of body transformation but a study showed that EMS training can be a useful alternative to increasing the rate of improvement. 

Other Proven Ways to Stick to Your Health Goals and See Results

Reaching Your Health Goals Faster

Along with EMS training, you can take some smart steps to ensure that you don’t give up before you start to see the payoff of all your hard work. Follow these seven steps for better chances of success.

  1. Set realistic goals. The first mistake that you can make is to expect more than what can realistically be achieved. When we make our goals too big, we set ourselves up for failure. This causes us to feel overwhelmed and possibly burn out trying to reach an unreachable goal.
  2. Use the SMART goal setting approach. SMART stands for specific, measurable, achievable, and time-bound. When you make your goals, be sure to choose a specific goal that you can measure and achieve in a realistic amount of time. You should have an end date and milestones along the way that you can celebrate.
  3. Focus on what’s important. Instead of setting a variety of resolutions, just choose one.  Resolving to stick to using EMS training in your workouts three times a week every week for a year is a SMART goal. If you focus on this goal, you should be able to achieve it but if you add three other goals to it, your energy will be divided and your focus will be as well and you could end up not reaching any of your goals.
  4. Get accountability. Telling someone you trust and that cares about you that you are resolving to use EMS training three times a week, eat more veggies, or whatever other health goals you have will make you more likely to follow through. There is something about having someone else know what we are planning that makes it harder to fail. We can make excuses to ourselves all day long, but we don’t want to let others down.
  5. Don’t wait. For some reason, we like to put a time limit on when we start a new healthy habit. “I’ll start on Monday”, or “I’ll start next month” is a common saying when we feel like we need to make changes. Don’t wait for Monday or next month, start now! The earlier you start, the quicker you will be where you want to be. 
  6. Make group goals. Instead of trying to change your habits on your own, try to enlist more people to be by your side striving for the same goals and you’ll crush them together!
  7. Practice self-compassion. Bad habits take years to become a part of our lives so you shouldn’t expect good habits to come so easily. Expect to have relapses in your goals but don’t let the first relapse become the reason you give up. Accept your weakness, give yourself a break and then get right back on the horse. 
girl doing crunches.jpg


You don’t have to struggle through slow and unfulfilling results from your workouts. Using EMS training with your favorite workout can help you to succeed in reaching your health goals faster. 

Make EMS training a part of this year’s health goal. Pairing it with these seven psychology hacks listed above will keep you motivated to ensure you reach your goal this year!


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