Nuzuna Fitness Releases a Public Letter to the President of the United States

Newport Beach, CA – May 18, 2021 – The Chief Executive Officer of Nuzuna Wellness Centers, Mr. Charlie Laverty
has signed a public letter directly addressing the President of the United States, congresspersons, and
Fitness Associations.

Mr. Laverty states that the government has yet to deliver on the promises of financial support they
pledged to businesses. The letter calls upon the government to create more instruments to support
gyms and wellness centers that have been impacted due to the pandemic in the past 15 months. More
specifically, the letter requests members of Congress to expedite the GYMS Act. The $30 billion dollar
bill for the wellness industry, that has received bipartisan support from members of Congress, has yet to

“What strikes me as interesting is that fitness and wellness centers belong to an industry that can offer
people actual relief while they cope with the pandemic.”

Mr. Laverty argues that the industry plays an important role in boosting the immune systems of people
as they pursue their health goals. So, it only makes sense to pay more attention to the needs of the
embattled industry as it struggles to stay operational in these difficult times. Fitness companies have
received no relief for rents, utilities, insurance, and tax payments, all of which were charged at 100%.

The letter also believes that the government has misplaced priorities despite the severity of the
pandemic, citing the recent allocation of $250,000 to the Michelle Obama Library, instead of redirecting
the funds to businesses that contribute to the GDP and economic wellness.

“Restaurants have also received $10 billion in relief. While we celebrate their position as fellow
businesspersons, we struggle to comprehend why an industry dedicated entirely to health has not
received the same importance,” the statement continues.

“There is ample evidence suggesting that healthy people who exercise, regularly, either did not get
infected with COVID-19 or avoided the more severe symptoms of the disease.”

The letter aims to fast-track the GYMS Act without any further delays to address the plights of the
fitness and wellness industry. The GYMS Act is set to provide $30 billion in recovery funds for the fitness
industry. It further requests the government to consider allowing gyms and wellness centers to open

A few highlights about the fitness industry and how it has been affected by the pandemic:

  • Industry revenues plummeted by 58%
  • 17% of fitness facilities were permanently shut down
  • 8 major fitness companies filed for bankruptcy
  • More than 1 million employees in the industry lost their jobs
  • Americans no longer had access to outlets for fitness and health

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