To learn more about our SUPER-SUIT technology, please visit at www.nuzunafit.com.

Yes, the cost will be $269 per month.

Every member joining the challenge will receive their own SUPER-SUIT (value $900).

Receive 10% discount when you complete the 12-month payment upfront.

We hope this SUPER-SUIT FAQ will answer all your questions and concerns. 

Still have questions? Please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 833-365-2361.

Each group class will only have 10-16 participants.

Receive a 10% discount for the first three months when you invite someone to join the challenge with you. The more you invite, the more discounts you’ll earn!

The duration of the PowerOn Challenge is 12 consecutive months.

Each month you are required to take 8 group classes and each class is 30 minutes long.

That’s only 48 hours of effort and commitment we require from you in an ENTIRE YEAR!


  • You must complete 2 group classes each week.
  • A completion of 96 group classes in 12-month.


  • You are allowed to miss 2 classes every quarterly (3 months).
  • In order for you not to get disqualify for a chance to win the grand prize (an all-inclusive trip to Hawaii), it will be your responsibility to make up any missed classes.
  • Tier #1 = 90 days ( $400 gift card to Water Grill Restaurant)
  • Tier #2 = 180 days ($600 gift card to Nike)
  • Tier #3 = a surprise gift value over $1,000+

A panel of three judges (doctor, nutritionist, practitioner) will select a winner with the greatest transformation based on the following scale:

  • Before & After Photos
  • Wellness Scale Measurements
  • Body Measurements
    • Number of pounds lost
    • Percentage of fat lost
    • Muscle growth
    • Memory & focus
    • Cardio endurance
    • Muscular endurance
    • Flexibility
    • Speed & agility
    • Coordination & Balance
The Nuzuna Awards Banquet will be held on the 13th month to celebrate every contestant who took the challenge from all the Nuzuna locations.

Yes, a minimum of 16 contestants is required in order to proceed with the challenge.

To be updated soon.