Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis, an economist on wall street who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) at the age of 30. Ray has been battling with muscle atrophy – the loss of muscles, severely contracted legs, and agonizing pain for several years.

After her first SUPER-SUIT exercise session, she noticed her legs were de-contracted and the pain had subsided immensely. “Training with the suit is exactly what I needed, it has been giving me a lot of hope that I will be walking again soon.” – Ray L.

Can Nuzuna’s SUPER-SUIT technology have potential medical-related benefits for MS patients?

With the increase in medical studies, scientists have found various ways to improve the health of individuals or decrease the illness of individuals with the use of Nuzuna’s SUPER-SUIT technology.

This SUPER-SUIT is an innovative wireless exercise and post-rehabilitation bodysuit that applies Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) currents. The bodysuit consists of 20 pre-placed electrode pads that use low to mid-range frequency impulses to deliver muscle contractions to nearly 90% of the major and deep muscle groups simultaneously. These contractions act as resistance, making each exercise movement three times more efficient compared with traditional exercise. Aside from identifying muscle imbalances, strengthening more muscles, improving posture, and blocking out pain signals throughout the entire body; this cutting-edge bodysuit has many potential medical-related benefits.

SUPER-SUIT technology has been found to be helpful in many different medical situations. Physical therapists use it often for their patients who are rehabilitating post-surgery. As do doctors helping patients with pain management. It could very well be that SUPER-SUIT can help you with your medical condition.

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7 Potential Medical Benefits of SUPER-SUIT

How have physical therapists and doctors found SUPER-SUIT to be beneficial for their patients?

Combat Muscle Atrophy

Muscle atrophy is common in people who have undergone a serious injury and they could not use the muscles surrounding the injury. With a lack of use, muscle tissue begins to deteriorate.

Nuzuna’s SUPER-SUIT technology helps to cause tiny contractions in these muscles without the need for movement on the patients’ part. This is helpful if the area is still very painful to move. The muscle atrophy of these patients can be stinted through regular SUPER-SUIT exercises. These muscle contractions can even cause increased blood flow to the area and help speed up the recovery process.

It has been proven that using SUPER-SUIT on patients with the inability to use muscles due to injury is a valuable tool to reduce sarcopenia.

It’s important to note that SUPER-SUIT exercise cannot replace conventional strength training. It should only be the sole strengthening factor for people who cannot exercise due to medical conditions.

Pain Relief

Pain Relief

SUPER-SUIT exercise has been found helpful in the relief of certain types of chronic and minor pain like pain after surgery, lower back pain, neck pain, pain with cancer, and the list goes on.

A study was done on the effects of stimulation on the peripheral nerve to help with pain management. It proved to be an effective way to help relieve pain.

SUPER-SUIT exercise has been shown to help reduce the swelling and stimulate proper blood flow to help the area heal. It also shows to release the nerves and relax the muscles that may be causing some of the pain. All of these factors work together to help relieve all sorts of pain-causing symptoms.

Relieve Inflammation & Strengthen Joints

Many people suffer from joint pain and inflammation. Implementing SUPER-SUIT technology with almost every exercise program, sports, stretching, or light physical movement has been an effective remedy to help strengthen the muscles surrounding the joints and relieve some of the inflammation around the joints causing the pain.

According to one arthritis doctor, for those who found relief from SUPER-SUIT exercise, it cut their pain in half. This can greatly reduce the need for pain killers, saving your kidneys some damage.

Conditions that are benefited from SUPER-SUIT technology include osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, and achy knees or joints.


Muscle Re-Education

SUPER-SUIT exercise can be used in the early stages of recovery for those who have undergone a serious injury to keep the muscles in a somewhat ready stage. This helps to cut down the recovery time to complete muscle use because it allows the muscles to maintain some semblance of use and movement. This way, when it is time to do more strenuous use of the muscles, there is more strength to rely on from the muscles to support the body.

This type of training also helps stroke patients to regain their motor skills. One study showed a significant improvement in stroke victims when undergoing SUPER-SUIT exercise. This study showed improvement in functional motor skills, joint range of motion, motor reaction times, and overall muscle tone.

Increased Blood Flow & Circulation

It has already been mentioned that SUPER-SUIT can help bring proper blood flow to the affected area and expedite healing time.

An increase in blood flow throughout your body helps to improve the strength of your internal organs, promotes cell growth, and your immune system improves. Your body can fight off bacteria more readily, deliver oxygen to your extremities, increase your energy levels, keep your mind sharp.


Prevent Pressure Sores

Pressure sores are common in people that are bedridden or in a wheelchair. The pressure of the body being in one position with the weight putting constant pressure on certain points can cause pain in these areas. SUPER-SUIT exercise can help these muscles to maintain their natural shape and avoid these pressure sores.

The most common type of pressure sores is for the buttocks of patients who use a wheelchair. Sitting on their bottom all day can cause deformities but stimulating this muscle with electric pulses, can combat this causing pressure sores on the hip bones by providing a cushion between the chair and bone.

Treat Muscle Spasms

Applying SUPER-SUIT technology on muscles that have been bothering you due to muscle spasms can help to alleviate this pain. The electric pulses will cause the muscles to contract and tire the muscle out so that it does not feel the need to spasm but instead wants to relax.


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