Physical Therapy and Electro Muscular Stimulation Take on Global Healthcare Challenges

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When EMS increases muscular stimulation, you get a much higher caloric burn. EMS also increases the growth of muscle fibers and muscle mass which has many added benefits.

The world is facing a tidal wave of healthcare problems caused by aging populations, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases. Chances are you and many of your loved ones will join hundreds of millions of people in looking for new solutions to these challenges. Exciting new data is leading many experts to see huge potential in combining electro-muscular stimulation (EMS) technology with physical therapy.

Many of the largest and fastest-growing challenges to the worldwide health community come from the same few sources. People are living longer, and more people are suffering from the negative effects of lifestyle and environmental factors. These are causing pandemics of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases of all kinds, cancers, neurological conditions and arthritis.

Cardiovascular disease alone already kills 18 million people a year, according to the World Health Organization. All indications are that number is set to dramatically increase. Governments, insurers, and healthcare systems around the world risk being overwhelmed with the cost of treating the rising numbers of patients. Surgeries and medicines alone are not going to be the best answers in all cases, and therapeutic and less invasive solutions offer many physical and economic benefits.

Lowering obesity and increasing personal fitness alone can solve or alleviate many global health problems. There are many challenges to making this happen. But, at its core, controlling caloric intake and increasing muscular stimulation and cardiovascular health are major elements to improving health worldwide.

Our brains control our muscles by delivering electrical impulses to them. Similarly, EMS involves stimulating the muscles through the skin using electrical currents. EMS pads are placed on the skin or, often embedded in special workout clothes and allow the wearer to exercise normally. But as the muscles stretch and contract the EMS technology painlessly increases the stimulation of those muscles. As a result, 20 minutes of exercise with EMS can deliver as much muscular stimulation as up to three hours the same exercise without EMS without added intensity or risk of injury.

When EMS increases muscular stimulation, you get a much higher caloric burn. EMS also increases the growth of muscle fibers and muscle mass which has many added benefits. Higher muscle mass increases the number of calories you burn doing everything or even doing nothing. Also, more muscular stimulation increases the rate at which physical therapy assists in the healing and recovery of injuries to muscles.

Although most widely associated with pain relief and management and for improving mobility and strength following workplace, home, or sports-related injuries, physical therapy is essential to addressing many of our largest health challenges. Physical therapy also can be used to prevent disability or even some surgeries. Already, physical therapy is commonly used to help treat chronic illnesses including diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis.

Since our founding in 2018, EMS suits have been used in all sorts of trainer-led fitness programs. The suits offer a full range of motion and can be used indoors and outdoors in everything from resistance training to spin and beach yoga. The results have been dramatic.

Earlier this year, Nuzuna Acquired Integrated Care, an innovative physical therapy practice. Sam Strayer joined Nuzuna Fitness in a newly created role of Vice President of Physical Therapy to help us work out the best way to integrate EMS into his practices. The results have been remarkable.

As Mr. Strayer puts it “Nuzuna’s EMS technology has allowed us to see faster and safer recovery in almost challenge that walks in our door. From severe back and neck pain to range of motion goals with patients recovering from lower back, hip, knee, and shoulder surgeries. Typically, we would see a recovery period of 8–12 weeks but, with our EMS suits and hybrid process, we are now seeing a reduction of 50%. Patients are receiving better results, a greater range of motion, and less pain in 4–6 weeks.”

The results proved what we expected. That EMS enhanced physical therapy offers a huge leap forward in pain management, injury recovery and the treatment of illnesses of all kinds. At Nuzuna our mission is to use EMS to make fitness and wellness more effective. As a result, Sam took over as chief operating officer of Nuzuna with the goal of making physical therapy available to all members.

Nuzuna Zone Fitness currently has locations in 8 fitness, physical therapy and wellness centers in Southern California, using wireless EMS technology for group or one-on-one training, with a new functional workout system, the Nuzuna Power Driven Training (PDT) System, that provides full-body training as well as Functional Impulse Training & Rehab (F.I.T&R).

The Nuzuna PDT System includes a high-performance Power Suit made from bi-elastic material and connected to an EMS box that uses German VisionBody technology to send gentle, natural stimulation deep into the muscles through conductive magnetic heads, with variable frequency suitable for every training level and use. The Nuzuna Power-Driven Training System control software has 32 programs to provide the optimum training course for each application.

Our vision is to become the most beloved and technologically advanced wellness community in the country, raising the standard of what is possible for the human body to attain through fun and approachable EMS training.


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