Nuzuna Physical Therapy to Remain Open During Second California Shutdown

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Nuzuna Fitness locations, which include Nuzuna physical therapy practices, will be open for these services during the July COVID-19 lockdowns in California.

On Monday, July 13, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced the state is rolling back reopenings across the state in response to increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases. This order includes closing gyms in the 30 counties with rising numbers, including Los Angeles County.

While complying with the order, each Nuzuna Fitness location also includes a physical therapy practice that will remain open. Physical Therapy is an essential business and is a critical part of the recovery and wellness of patients.

How Nuzuna Physical Fitness is Staying Safe

Sam Strayer
Sam A Strayer, Nuzuna Vice President of Physical Therapy

Sam A Strayer, CEP, Nuzuna’s Vice President of Physical Therapy, says the company already has adopted the practices needed to ensure that every patient receives safe, essential care. “Nuzuna Fitness locations are more than just fitness centers. We offer a range of critical wellness and care services and we owe it to patients to safely remain open.”

Nuzuna’s Physical Therapy practice began when the company acquired Mr. Strayer’s firm, Integrated Care, this past January. Since then the firm has attracted a stable of excellent physical therapists to help serve patients at every Nuzuna location.

In Southern California, this includes both Huntington Beach locations and the locations in Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, and Anaheim Hills.

Physical Therapy is more than an essential part of our business. It is core to our mission of combining technology and innovation to improve wellness.

— Charles Laverty, Nuzuna CEO
Charles Laverty
Nuzuna Fitness CEO Charles Laverty

Electro Muscular Stimulation With Nuzuna Fitness

As with its fitness centers, Nuzuna Physical Therapy offers both traditional therapy and therapy with optional electro muscular stimulation technology (EMS). EMS stimulates the muscles during therapeutic sessions and studies show that it increases the effectiveness of treatment.

In fitness clients, the technology has been shown to increase muscular stimulation such that a 20-minute workout with an EMS suit produces the muscular stimulation of a three-hour traditional workout.

“Physical Therapy is more than an essential part of our business,” says Nuzuna Fitness CEO Charles Laverty. “It is core to our mission of combining technology and innovation to improve wellness.”

Laverty has also recently announced that, despite the shutdowns which have devastated fitness centers coast to coast, Nuzuna Fitness remains committed to its 2020 and 2021 expansion plans. “We expect to be at 35 locations by the end of 2021.”

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