Gary Goltz Joins to Focus on Corporate and Government Accounts

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Costa Mesa, CA - Nuzuna Fitness chief executive, Charles Laverty announced today that Mr. Gary Goltz is joining the company in a newly created executive role.

Mr. Gary Goltz is joining the company in a newly created executive role. As Vice President of Corporate & Government Accounts, Mr. Goltz will work with corporate wellness programs and city and state recreation facilities to add Nuzuna classes.

Mr. Goltz was instrumental this August in launching the partnership between Nuzuna and the City of Claremont. The City became the first US city to offer instructor-led fitness classes which utilize Nuzuna electro muscular stimulation (EMS) technology. Classes are open to all residents and are held at city recreation centers.

In the face of rising healthcare costs, businesses and governments are looking for ways to improve fitness. “This is a major strategic issue for businesses and governments,” says Mr. Goltz. “In addition to controlling healthcare costs, they are concerned about public health and productivity.”

“I am very excited that Gary is joining Nuzuna.” says Laverty. “He has been a lifelong advocate for personal fitness and knows how to build strategic relationships at the highest levels.”

Mr. Laverty says that corporate and government programs are critical to Nuzuna’s growth.

Mr. Goltz has been building highly strategic business development programs for decades. He has also dedicated much of his life and career to healthcare, fitness, and wellness. For nearly 25 years Mr. Goltz’s firm, The Goltz Business Development Group, has served many clients but has had a specific focus on healthcare services, home medical equipment, and hospital operations.

In addition to building several healthcare companies, Mr. Goltz is an 8th degree black belt in judo. He currently serves as President and CEO of the US Judo Association. He also owns Goltz Judo which is one of the largest clubs in the Association.

Mr. Goltz coached the US Blind Judo Team at the 1991 Tokyo World Championships and became a volunteer Defensive Tactics Advisor to the Los Angeles Police Department in 1997. He is a regular contributor to Black Belt Magazine.

Mr. Goltz graduated cum laude with a B.A. in Rhetoric from the University of Pittsburgh. He also was the youngest person ever accepted to Pepperdine University’s prestigious Presidential and Key Executive M.B.A. Program.

The Nuzuna Fitness EMS Technology

Nuzuna Fitness offers instructor led programs in which participants wear special exercise clothes outfitted with EMS technology. These wireless suits increase muscular stimulation during exercise. Participants get this benefit without having to exercise longer or more intensely. In fact, a 20-minute exercise class can provide similar muscular stimulation as a 3-hours long session without EMS. Nuzuna offers yoga, resistance training, and spin classes, among others. A single EMS suit offers the same increase in muscular stimulation in any type of exercise.


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