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General Manager

Joeseph O’mara

Joseph’s main purpose in life is to help others. As a health and fitness professional, he has spent the last decade motivating and educating a large audience in the Southern California area. As well as managing a few health clubs by the water. Teaching yoga has taught Joe to believe in the natural world that is within oneself as well as around us at all times. Strong team leader and motivator. Brings esoteric details into Laymans form. Unique ability to bring together an eclectic group of personalities to work together as a functioning unit. Passion for the industry that helps humans achieve a higher quality of life is the main driving factor that gets him out of bed in the mornings. From holistic nutrition to the PDT smart suits, anything that will aid in life’s function this man will bring it to the masses.


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2701 Harbor Blvd, Suite E-1

Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Gym Hours

5:30 am – 9:00 pm daily

Fitness Programs

Experience the benefits of EMS training for yourself!

Nuzuna Fitness offers classes and personal training to fit your unique goals and schedule. We have multiple locations throughout Orange County and many more opening in 2020.
Join Nuzuna Fitness to start your own transformation with as little as 20 minutes of exercise a day!


Wireless EMS technology enhances your results without affecting poses or altering posture.

Personal Training

Stimulate muscles for faster growth and more strength in a shorter period of time.

Physical Therapy (By Appointment Only)

Develop stabilizing muscles, stamina, and more with minimal stress on the heart, joints, or tendons.


Class Schedule


Nautika Jordan-Martinez

Nautika Jordan-Martinez

Vinyasa, Yogalates, Contortion, Meditation & Energy Work

Marley Crouch

Marley Crouch

Mat Pilates /Ballet Barre/Lagree Fitness

Physical Therapy

Garrett Neill

Garrett Neill

Nuzuna Costa Mesa




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