Every year, millions of us make New Year’s resolutions. Without fail, the recurring theme includes implementing a more active approach to health and fitness. In addition to becoming healthier, living life to the fullest and spending more time with friends and family were in the top ten resolutions of this past year.

That means we want to become more active and live healthier lives, but we don’t necessarily want to spend countless hours in the gym each day. When you feel better about yourself you undoubtedly become more confident. This new-found confidence then impacts your personal relationships as well as your professional ones as well. The truth is that when you place a priority on your health, it will directly affect every other area of your life.

With this in mind, one question remains: how do you make fitness a part of your life? Let me explain five ways you can easily make fitness a part of your life this next year.

Five Ways to Make Fitness a Part of Your Life

1. Make it practical

I’ve heard people who’ve never worked out a day in their life discuss outlandish ideas for getting into shape. They mention kayaking, climbing, or other outdoor activities they’ve never attempted. But if you want to make fitness a part of your life to achieve health and fitness, then it needs to be practical.

If you’ve never kayaked, then don’t count on that as your way of getting into shape. You need to choose an activity that can become a practical part of your life. It needs to be an activity you can easily fit into your daily schedule. 

Choose a method of working out that you can easily fit into your life. It should be one that you can actually see yourself starting this year and continuing the rest of your life.

2. Make it repeatable

Joining a sports league can be a good way to become active. But what happens when the league ends? Skiing is another great way to be active. But unless you live near a ski slope, it’s probably not the best way to help you become more active on a regular basis.

You need to choose an activity or style of workout that you can repeat on a daily basis. Then you can supplement your regular workout routine with other activities you do less frequently.

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3. It needs to be enjoyable

To say you’re a rock climber might sound cool around the water cooler at work. But extreme sports aren’t for everyone. A lot of people run, but it’s not for everyone. If you don’t enjoy a particular activity you’re not going to want to continue doing it no matter how cool it might make you look.

Fitness should become a habit. If you’re not in shape and haven’t worked out in a while, it’s understandable that it might not be very enjoyable at first. But with time, as you get the hang of it and your muscles grow stronger, you should come to a point when you enjoy it. 

4. It needs to be effective

If you’ve spent any time in a gym, you’ve probably seen someone who’s been doing the same workout for years without change. But that’s very frustrating. No one wants to put forth effort without seeing improvement. Outside of providing a social outlet at the gym, there’s very little benefit to doing the same thing for years on end without change.

Thankfully the EMS workouts at Nuzuna are effective and will keep you from falling into the same routine without seeing any benefits. Just read what Melissa Vollaro, a Nuzuna client had to say: “It’s like no other workout I’ve ever experienced. It is intense, in a good way, and has made a remarkable difference in my body in only a couple of weeks. I am so excited to stick with it and see the results in the future!”

In addition to being enjoyable, your workout should provide results. It should help you achieve the health and wellness goal you’re aiming for.

5. Make sure it’s convenient

Just as it should be both practical and repeatable, your workout routine should be convenient. Can you easily accomplish it before or after work? An even better strategy is finding a workout you can get in during your lunch hour.

Thanks to the many Nuzuna locations opening and our brief workouts, you can get an effective workout in during your lunch hour.

Click here to see a list of Nuzuna’s locations. There are many more to be added this coming year to ensure there’s a convenient location no matter where you are! 

Achieve Your Health and Fitness Resolution This Year

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Millions of people make resolutions each year but less than 8% actually achieve their goal. This year don’t be a part of the 92% of Americans who won’t keep their resolution. If you want to achieve health and wellness this year, then follow these five steps to make fitness a part of your daily life.

Join a Nuzuna fitness location today to make achieving your health and fitness resolution the easiest thing you do this year.

Charles Laverty
Charles Laverty

Charles Laverty is chief executive officer and founder of Nuzuna. Mr. Laverty has committed four decades to health and fitness starting with his studies in physical education at Parsons College in Fairfield Iowa. An advocate for wellness and physical education, Mr. Laverty is a well-regarded writer and speaker on issues affecting the US healthcare system including adult and childhood obesity, coronary disease and healthcare reform.