How EMS Training Provides Faster Results

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Unless you’re a professional athlete or training to become the next Mr. Universe, you can’t afford to spend hours in the gym each day. Thankfully Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) allows you to burn fat and sculpt your muscles more efficiently.

Unless you’re a professional athlete or training to become the next Mr. Universe, you can’t afford to spend hours in the gym each day. Thankfully Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training helps you reach your fitness goals much faster.

EMS training allows you to burn fat and sculpt your muscles with workout sessions as short as 20 minutes. Forget the two-hour weight training session placing unneeded stress on your joints and muscles.

How does EMS Training provide faster results?

A study published in 2016 concluded that “EMS [training] can be considered as a time-efficient […] option to HIT-resistance exercise for people aiming at the improvement of general strength and body composition.”

According to Wolfgang Kemmler and his associates, EMS training proved even more effective than HIIT training for improving strength and composition. This form of training gives you your time back. You can literally get in, workout, get showered, and back to the office during a lunch hour.

But how does it provide such fast results? EMS training allows you to achieve more intense muscle contractions than you would during a normal workout. Within one workout you’re able to achieve 150 times more contractions than that of a normal workout. During EMS training up to 90% of your muscles are activated simultaneously.

EMS training combines EMS technology with various workout techniques. The EMS technology creates automatic muscle contraction through electric impulses. EMS mimics the natural action of our central nervous system, allowing electrical impulses to be sent in order to contract the desired muscle.

Faster muscle gain with EMS training

EMS training requires less weight

EMS training enhances athletic training, bodybuilding, and recovery. It can be used to work muscles harder and longer than an athlete can normally work them, simply because of fatigue and mental wear.

EMS utilizes 30% more muscles by stimulating deeper muscle tissues. Muscle contraction leads to muscle growth. EMS training allows you to achieve more muscle contraction more effectively with greater efficiency.

This form of training also places much less stress on the body. Since it requires little to know weight resistance during exercise, there is less stress and damage done to joints and tendons. This allows your body to work on building muscle rather than expending energy to repair damaged tissue.

In addition to less wear and tear on the body, EMS training also allows you to isolate and strengthen weaker muscles leading to an overall stronger body.

The potential benefits of EMS training are numerous. In addition to the previously mentioned advantages, EMS training can potentially lead to the following:

  • Faster muscle growth as a result of stimulated muscles
  • Rapid strength gain in a shorter period of time
  • Improved speed and agility
  • Improved muscle endurance
  • Development of deep stabilizing muscles

Faster body toning EMS training

In addition to strength gains, most people exercise to tone and shape their body as well. EMS training not only helps you increase muscle strength more efficiently, but it can also help you reach your cosmetic related goals.

As previously mentioned, EMS training provides deep muscle stimulation. As a result, it has been shown to help reduce cellulite. This leads to increased muscle mass, tighter connective tissue improves circulation and skin tone while improving your metabolism and burning fat.

Effective EMS training

join Nuzuna and get faster results with EMS training

At Nuzuna Fit, we offer nearly every form of training – resistance, cardio, dance, etc. – to help build muscle, tone your body, and shape your physique. However, unlike most EMS training that requires you to be connected to countless wires that limit and interfere with your workout, our technology is not only more powerful but also wireless.

Wireless EMS training is an important part of an unobstructed, effective workout. Our technology provides a 360-degree range of motion in all directions. In the Nuzuna suit you’re able to bend, move, and stretch without any restriction to your movement.


Are you tired of spending hours in the gym trying to find the right workout to achieve the results you’ve been hoping for? If so, then it’s time you tried EMS training with Nuzuna. Step into a Nuzuna power suit and your results could be as little as 20 minutes away.


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