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EMS Technology

The Nuzuna fitness objective is to maximize our client’s health and wellness by using revolutionary technology that is both time-efficient and effective

Power Suit

The Nuzuna Zone Fitness EMS Suit is completely wireless and made with bi-elastic material. Enjoy unrestrained movement during every training activity.

The antibacterial machine-washable material incorporates silver flaking that neutralizes odors and maximizes hygiene.

Nuzuna Suit

For many decades, EMS training has been used as a rehabilitation measure by Physical Therapists from all over the world. Numerous medical and fitness studies have confirmed the positive effects of EMS training. Now that EMS technology has shifted its way into the fitness industry, it has become the most popular technology used by professional athletes, sports enthusiasts, and celebrities because of its countless short-terms and long-term benefits

Reduce/Prevent Back Pain

Very beneficial for those who work in the office and have to sit for hours. Help straighten your posture. Will help you minimize from having a slouched/hunched back.

Increases Endorphin Levels, Reduces Stress, and Improve Sleep

When you increase your endorphin levels, you’ll feel happier, better, more confident, and have higher self-esteem. When all these things happen you’ll feel more relaxed, your cortisol hormone will reduce and it will help you have a better sleep.

Prevents and Reverse Muscle Atrophy

Muscle atrophy means loss of muscle mass or tissue. Through training with EMS, it can prevent or even reverse muscle atrophy by stimulating the muscles without the need for adverse stress and discomfort.

Improve Skin Complexion and Lighten Cellulite

When training with EMS, your body naturally craves for more water during and after your workout than you normally would. Consuming more water will result in more glowy and hydrated skin complexion. When your connective tissues grow stronger and combine it with a higher blood flow you make the superficial fat go away. Noticeable results after just 10 sessions. 

Helps With Weight Loss

In just 20 minutes, more than 350 different muscles are worked together causing it to contract up to 36,000 times, helping you burn over 700+ calories per session!

Improve Blood Flow and Circulation

Due to the contraction and relaxation cycles of the electrical impulses, your muscle acts as a pump to increase oxygen-rich blood flow into the muscle belly while also aiding in metabolite clearance from the muscle.

Improve Strength and Muscle Endurance

EMS can contract a muscle 30% higher than a maximal voluntary contraction, that’s a total of 90% of muscles are simultaneously activated. It also stimulates far longer than what your body could do themselves, this allows your muscles to grow and more toned after each training session. By innervating the slow-twitch muscle fibers, it helps improve the oxygen consumption of the stimulated fibers which allows the muscle to do more work at a faster rate.

Reduce Joint Pain and Swelling

EMS helps increase the range of motion in your joints and reduces pain. It helps promote healing in the injured area by increasing blood flow and thereby reduce inflammation. EMS does this by changing a low-frequency electrical current through muscle nerves and the connective tissue.

Helps With Recovery

EMS gently contracts muscles to promote blood flow, oxygenate muscles, and flush out lactic acid so that your muscles can recover post-workout more efficiently.

Increases Bone Density

When training with EMS, your deep skeletal muscles are stimulated helping to strengthen your muscles and the bones which hold up the body.

The Nuzuna Power Driven Training (PDT) System reinvents the way Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is used.

The PDT System is the only wearable fitness technology that delivers both the workout and recovery program. Our technology can read your body, generate data, and deliver a workout specifically designed for you.

Nuzuna EMS Battery


Curious about EMS technology and the incredible impact it can have on your health and workout routine? Here are some frequently asked questions from our clients - we hope they can help you with the answers you need.

Does EMS hurt?

Definitely no! EMS is far from a painful sensation, what you can expect is nothing more than your phone vibrating in your pocket. Everything is customized FOR YOU! If you feel the stimulation level is too high, your instructor has the ability to calibrate for your body type.

What do I wear/What Should I bring with Me?

We will provide you with a Nuzuna Power Suit; a smart suit consisting of 20 pre-placed pads on all the major muscles. For the stimulation to work most effectively, you want as much skin-to-suit contact as possible. We recommend minimal garments underneath. If the style of the suit makes you feel uncomfortable, no worries! Feel free to bring clothing that will gently fit over your suit (loose tee-shirt, sweatshirt, shorts, sweatpants etc.) At Nuzuna, fitness is all about YOU so bring your sneakers and we’ve got the rest!

IS this for beginners or professionals?

BOTH! Beginners or professionals are welcome. Nuzuna's outstanding staff are here to help ANYBODY age 16 or older achieve their fitness goals. If you have any prior injuries please ensure your trainer is aware. Please see our waiver to learn more about certain health conditions and EMS.

Can I train without a suit?

Yes, absolutely! Power Suits are optional for all Nuzuna Fitness activities. Given that 48 hours is recommended between activated workouts, you can train with us minus the Power Suit (non-activated) on days your body needs a rest from EMS.

How often should I train with EMS?

2 to 3 times per week is the most beneficial. 

How should I prepare?
  1. Zero alcohol or caffeine beverages the day prior to your EMS session is extremely important.
  2. Ensure you have consumed at least 24 oz (~.75L) of water in the last hour, and at least 100 oz (~3L) in the past 24 hours.
  3. Make sure you've been eating a balanced diet. Your diet must be supportive of the high-performance exercise you are about to begin.
  4. Ensure NO use of electronic devices while in session. (Smartwatches, cellphones, AirPods, etc.)
  5. Bring your sneakers, socks, shorts or sweatpants
  6. Arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled session to allow you enough time to check-in and suit up!
What can I expect after my session?

After your session you will return your Power Suit and are free to use our showers and amenities. You may experience some mild muscle fatigue and soreness the day after your session, but that just means the stimulation is working properly and you had a great workout!

Make sure to stay hydrated, consume a diet that is balanced and will emphasize your recovery.

Consider using an amino acid supplement and minimizing alcohol consumption for 24 hours following the session.

How are the suits cleaned?

Our state-of-the-art Power Suits are lined with antibacterial silver flaking to help with sanitation. After each use, our suits are washed and sanitized with a special detergent to ensure proper hygiene. The Nuzuna Suit does not need to be washed after each training unit. After each training unit, the suit should be turned “inside out” so that it can dry much faster. You are recommended washing the E.M.S Suit after 3-4 training units. 

  • Gentle cycle (easy to clean) at maximum 30°. Maximumspin speed: 800 rpm.Wash the suit using the laundry net provided and do not turn “inside out”.
    Close the Velcro fasteners prior to washing. Suitable pH neutral washing detergent (without bleach,
    pH value 8-8,5) must be used as washing detergent.
  • Do not use fabric conditioner.
  • Do not bleach.
  • Do not tumble dry.
  • Do not iron.
  • Dry flat, do not dry in direct sunlight.
  • Do not dry clean.
  • Do not wring out. Keep away from fire.

Made in Germany

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