EMS and Cellulite Reduction

Got cellulite? Tried everything? Chances are, you have not tried the Anti-Cellulite Program at Nuzuna. Nearly everyone is affected by cellulite. Studies have shown that 90% of women are affected by some type of cellulite. Thankfully, cellulite can be treated with Nuzuna’s Anti-Cellulite Program along with proper hydration, exercise, and healthy nutrition.

You have probably heard about countless novel products and services before, and here, we will explain the science behind why Nuzuna’s SUPER-SUIT–a wireless Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) wearable technology that can make a difference in how you look and feel.

Cellulite reduction

What is Cellulite?

First things first: what is cellulite? There are rumors floating that it is caused by “toxins,” but in reality, there is no research evidence to back this claim. Cellulite appears when your natural subcutaneous fat pushes through the layer of connective tissue that separates it from the skin. Subcutaneous fat is the body fat that sits just below the skin; it keeps us warm and stores energy for the body.

Fat cells are different from other cells in that they are not constantly dividing. Most adults contain a stable number of fat cells, and the cells simply enlarge or shrink as a person store and use fat (respectively). That being said, if someone requires more fat stores, the body will produce more fat cells to expand and shrink as needed.

With cellulite, the fat cells are so enlarged, and the connective tissue is so weak, that the enlarged cells tear through the connective tissue, creating a lumpy texture of the skin above it.

Cellulite Facts

Some additional quick facts on cellulite: there are theories that genetics, hormones, and lifestyle factors play a role in the formation of cellulite. Some predisposing factors include being female, distribution of subcutaneous fat, smoking, and sedentary and high-stress lifestyles that can lead to the formation of cellulite. Also important to note is that while obesity and being sedentary are predisposing factors, being slim does not necessarily mean that you will be spared from developing cellulite. The genetic and hormonal components play a huge role.


How SUPER-SUIT Eliminates Cellulite

So, how does this Nuzuna technology help with cellulite? Two ways: destroying and building. There are some research that concludes that electrical stimulation to fat cells can lyse (destroy) them by drawing water out of the cell and disrupting the cellular membrane. Whether your body has created an excessive number of fat cells over the years and/or your fat cells have drastically expanded, this technology may be the way to decrease your number of fat cells.

Muscle building is the best result of this training. Through the use of Nuzuna’s SUPER-SUIT, muscular activation is enhanced, and so is the stress on all of our tissues. The body’s tissues operate under Wolff’s Law: they adapt to the specific loads applied to them. By working on strengthening and mobility, the connective tissue that was torn can be made stronger. So can the connective tissue all over your body! This technology adds to the increased systemic blood flow of exercise, so all of your tissues are receiving more nutrients to grow and repair. EMS enhances these results by safely applying total-body stimuli, so more of your body is working during your workouts.

Cellulite can be frustrating, but it does not have to be an eyesore. Exercise is the most highly recommended solution to dealing with cellulite due to its effects on body fat reduction, tissue strengthening, and increased blood flow. Exercising with Nuzuna’s SUPER-SUIT technology can enhance these effects while providing an efficient and fun workout. As the adage goes: work smarter, not harder!

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